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Why choose Electrical USA Answer Program

The "Answer" for Electrical Contractors

The Answer software program was developed by a master electrician named Dennis Diller. He started his business in 1986, and he used all kinds of software and found nothing that completely satisfied his business needs. He then decided to set out on a mission to develop his own. After running his business for 5 years in 1991 he developed the Answer program and still uses it to this day. Many modifications came along so he could run his business the most productive may. Dennis started out just wanting an estimating package, then T&M Billing, then he needed an inventory package to use to estimate and bill customers. A payroll package was then necessary so labor hours and labor cost would be posted to the job, so with a quick look you can evaluate the job progress. Did you make money on the materials or the labor, or did you lose money?  Were there too many labor hours or were labor and material cost too high?  The Answer program answers all these questions and more. It's the only program you will need to operate your electrical business, with the technical support from an actual master electrician. He's made it affordable with little to no risk to the electrical contractor.

The Answer program is very powerful and there's no need to upgrade to a more powerful system. It is 100% networking ready have one or as many employees login as you like just increase your user count or take it with you and work from your truck or boat or where ever you can get to the internet.  

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