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New Owners of Forest Haven           Forest Haven Nursing Home owned By Haggerty
Mid-Atlantic Health Care                 Paid on time every time for over 10 years.
5 months of outstanding invoices     Electrical USA Inc. will like to thank John Haggerty    
as on October 31, 2015                   and his staff for past business.


Forest Haven Nursing Home

701 Edmondson Avenue Baltimore MD 21228


This website was launched by Electrical USA, Inc.
Reason is non-payment on invoices.

Total Amount Invoice Due... 975.00

Plus interest.

Electrical USA, Inc has been doing business with Forest Haven since September of 2004 with the previous owner. Then in May of 2015 we were contacted do do some electrical work for the now new owners. The first job we done was on May 31,2015. Then we were contacted again on July 26, 2015. The invoice in May was not paid but we were told it would be. It was just that the new owner needed to set us up as a vendor. So we did the work at their request. It is now November 1, 2015 we still have not been paid and now two invoice are past due over 5 months on  the first and 3 month on the second.

Invoices #  Amount     Dated

2960              675.00        05/31/2015

2977              300.00        07/26/2015

Total              975.00

Electrical USA, Inc.  has worked with the previous owners for over 10 years. We never had
a problem with the Haggerty family. Our concerns now are with the new owners.
Mid-Atlantic Health Care. Who acquired Forest Haven In February of 2015.

Electrical USA has been very patient for the past five months but we are in business to do electrical work and need to get paid for work we've done. A company that paid 8.6 million for the facility and now can't or just won't pay a 975.00 electrical service bill.

We have been contacted by Mark in maintenance to do additional work. We have refused for Reason stated.  

If your  planning on being a vendor or a customer of the new Forest Haven Nursing Home I would have concerns about doing business with a company that is in the Health Care business that cant pay a 975.00 invoices. I'm sure since I haven't been paid there are others also who haven't been paid. A health care facility not only needs doctors nurses staff but needs plumbers electricians maintenance to keep the facility running smooth and safe. Electrical USA will not return for non payment and if there are others how safe and smooth is this place.

Electrical USA must now charge finance fees and any additional fees that will inquire to collect this debt.

We charge 500.00 to launch this site and 39.95 per month to host it. Plus this site will stay up until we are paid in full all invoices website and hosting fees paid.