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You have a big event planned and just hours before guest arrive the power goes out. You're in a panic all this planning, all the money spent for this big event and no electric. Then ten seconds later the power comes back on, you had a backup standby generator installed by Electrical USA, and now you can breathe again. Everything is automatic when the power goes out, the generator starts, and when utility power comes back the generator switches back to utility power and the generator shuts off and ready for the next power outage. If you don't have a generator and want to prepare for the next power outage call Electrical USA 1-800-872-4970 or call Dennis Diller owner cell phone 410-274-4073 24/7 because we are ready to serve you just the like the generators we install.

 Standby Generator Systems are gaining popularity nationwide as a vital part of a most important investment - your home or business.  Yes it's an investment and not an expense. When you add up the flooded basement, food lost in frig & freezer, and the security for your family's safety.  When the generator is installed you will feel the investment. Let Electrical USA, install one  for you.

Thunderstorms, ice storms, fallen trees or branches can interrupt electrical power.  Without electrical power we lose the food in our refrigerators, as well as the ability to perform our jobs.  Standby generator systems from Electrical USA provide power for all or just a portion of your home or business until normal utility power is restored.
Electrical USA, together with some of the top standby generator system suppliers - like Generac, Kohler, and  Cummins -Onan  can bring you a complete, automatic, uninterrupted electrical power source whenever loss of utility electrical power occurs.

Permanent standby generator systems from Electrical USA, include system design, installation drawings, building permits, fuel system, generator, transfer switch, and electrical connections to your home or business.  Permanent systems provide immediate power in the event of normal utility power loss.

Traditional temporary standby systems, usually of the portable generator variety, require manual plug in and start up before temporary power is available.  During adverse weather conditions, we recommend permanent standby systems for safety, reliability and simplicity.  No more searching for gasoline and long power cords for your portable generator - especially in the dark.  No more stepping outside, in inclement weather, to manually start up your portable generator.  No need to store gasoline.

These permanent systems are much quieter than gasoline portable generators.  They are housed in weatherproof, sound reducing enclosures.  Our standby systems can be sized to run everything in your home or only the essential things you select.  Depending on the size of the standby generator, we calculate the fuel consumption and recommend the proper size fuel system to keep your system running for several days until normal power is restored or your system can be refueled.

The most common fuel used today is LP or liquefied petroleum, also called Propane.  Underground LP fuel tanks are the best long term choice, but above ground tanks are available.  If an area is served by natural gas, it is your best fuel choice as no refueling is ever needed.

For the past 20 years, the professionals at Electrical USA, have provided our customers with the very best in commercial and residential services.  One call to us at 1-800-872-4970, can take care of your standby generator needs - for your home or business.

Contact our generator division at  or just call 1-800-872-4970 never be in the dark again

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