Digital Video Recorders

·       For security, protection, and peace of mind

·       Prevent theft from customers and employees

·       Prevent fraudulent claims against your company

·       Monitor action of employees and customers

·       Assist in prosecuting of criminal acts

·       View your establishment from remote location Live and pre-recorded

·       Multiple store communication through video

·       Ability to use existing CCTV, telecom, and data networking equipment

·       Alarm inputs and relays allows integration and ability to trigger events i.e. call police, fire department, central monitoring station, pager, etc

·       From any PC and a click of a mouse you can be in touch with your business view every camera or individually, your still in control and you’re at home or on vacation. Employers know their employees work their best when they are present, make them think you are.   

·       No VHS tapes to store or shuffle

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