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After nearly 25 years as a loyal Verizon Wireless customer, Electrical USA, as of 11/30/2016, has officially moved to the Sprint phone plan.  The decision to switch was not an easy one. In all the time that I have been with Verizon, I have considered them to be the best carrier available and therefore believed that their superior coverage was well worth the higher cost and have never once considered switching phone plans. That is until August 2016 when my Note 4 was damaged. With the insurance we had on the phone and a $159.00 deductible, I received a new phone from Verizon but the coverage on this device was poor to the point that it was nearly unusable. I called the help service to see if the cell towers were down and to complain about the service on my phone. At this time I was so frustrated with the struggle, I was beginning to consider switching to Sprint right then and there. When I told the representative this he offered me a Note 5 phone, no charge, in order to keep me with Verizon.  However, when I got the phone bill I noticed a $350.00 charge for the device. I called Verizon again to inform them there was a mistake so that they could remove this charge from my bill. Their customer service simply told me that there was no mistake and it was impossible to remove the charge.. After this I went into the Sprint to store to discuss the possibilities of switching over.  I talked to my sales person Will and the manager Mat Bauer, they knew that I was hesitant on switching networks and because of that, worked with me in order to know I was making the right decision. They gave me a phone, right there in the store, to use for a 60 day trial basis, no charge and they actually meant it. I discovered I was happy with the coverage sprint offered and confidently moved all of the company phones over to them. In truth, dealing with coverage, Verizon and Sprint are near equals to each other but what puts Sprint above Verizon is their customer service. When you call Verizon you get a random representative that changes every time you call, who will not care about you or the problems their company is causing you. When I call Sprint, I get Mat Bauer who has wanted to help me with any issues that I have had, gave me a great deal in order to switch phone plans and even called me on thanksgiving weekend to answer my questions. Since switching my employees and myself I have noticed little difference in coverage and a large improvement in customer service. The simple fact is that Sprint and Mat Bauer do good business which is why I was glad to give mine to them.  As long as I’m getting the kind of plans (see down below) and service they are providing me I can assure you, Electrical USA is not going back.

Each Phone we ported over to Sprint from Verizon we got 50.00. Sprint paid all penalty fees from Verizon. Verizon wouldn’t even give me a note 5 after I all ready spent Insurance and 159.00.

                                                             Verizon Wireless                                                   Sprint

Calls                                                           Unlimited                                                        Unlimited 

Text                                                            Unlimited                                                       Unlimited

Data                                                              6 Gig                                                            Unlimited

Hot Spot                                                              20.00                                                                  NC for 5 Gig       
Verizon comes off your
data package.

Now with Sprint are wireless bill almost cut in half. No worries go over our data limit.
Sprint Store 1258 Putty Hill Ave (410) 296-7100- Mat Bauer.

My name is Dennis Diller president of Electrical USA, Inc. I put this on our website for one reason the way I was treated at Verizon after all the years of spending additional cost, thinking I would get better customer care I was wrong when it came down to needed them to fix my problem they didn't . If your business is thinking of switching and scared like I was call Mat Bauer he will make it easy I'm so glad I did.